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Making my way thru this journey of life
I’ll pass no judgments, what’s wrong and what’s right
Times are changing, there’s highs and there’s lows
Like the sun in the summer, or the winter with snow
Each so beautiful in it’s own precious way
So blessed and grateful to live one more day
Vibes come and go like the tides of the sea
Cleansing my soul, filling my body with chi
Slowly emerging from this dark cave of mine
To seek only truth and put end to the lies
Coming together we’ll break walls at last
To live righteously and leave pain in the past
Take time to breath and focus your mind
Thru love and presence, disillusion of time
the wind, the trees
the birds, the stars
they’re always inside you
no matter who you are
we’re all connected
tune in and you’ll see
we’re tied to the dirt
to the land and the trees
all ways of life
come together as one,
love and connectedness
under moon and sun
sitting in stillness
it will all be known
with light in your heart
freedom be shown
the true way to happiness
has always been within
its as much part of you
as your bones or your skin
Poetry by Chard

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