Nikki & Ricky, Himalayan Mountains 2020

Hey friends, welcome to our little corner of the internet. We seek adventure in every day and find the most joy when we are traveling the world. Our destiny in this life is to share our energy with you all in a positive and uplifting way while helping save Mother Earth and putting an end to human suffering. We hand make all natural, vegan, and eco-friendly self-care products that will make you feel good and you can feel good about. We also love sharing our experiences through different medias of artwork. Follow our website to stay up to date with product launches, travel, and wellness topics. Thanks for sharing your time with us. Love & light to all. โค

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Home Free Hippies on Etsy!

We are so excited to announce that Home Free Hippies is now available on Etsy! Our Etsy store is live March 1st, 2021. Stocked with natural, vegan, & eco-friendly soaps. Hop on over to Etsy and check us out. Thank you so much for your support of our journey around the world and everywhere inContinue reading “Home Free Hippies on Etsy!”

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If you’re a nature, travel, animal, wellness, personal development, unique, adventure seeking, and (so much more) enthusiast then join our journey on our social media platforms. We are most active on Facebook and Instagram but occasionally use Twitter and Pinterest. Our Etsy store will be launching soon so stay on the look out for announcementsContinue reading “Follow Us on Social Media”


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