Nikki & Ricky, Himalayan Mountains 2020

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Wildcat Rock

A beautiful hike to the mountain top overlook of Wildcat Rock. This hike is out and back, totaling approximately 3.5 miles round trip. Start by parking at Florence Nature Preserve in Gerton, NC. This nature preserve offers access to numerous hikes, so it’s a great starting point for any day you want to spend hikingContinue reading “Wildcat Rock”

Mardi Himal Trek

Sitting 4500 m (17,763 ft) up in the sky is Mardi Himal base camp. Offering views over the Himalayan Mountain peaks in Nepal. We completed this Mardi Himal Trek in January 2020 after traveling around Asia for a few months. On the final stretch to base camp, we arose early in the morning to seeContinue reading “Mardi Himal Trek”


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