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Home Free Hippies

Traveling the world
with an abundance of
health, wealth, and happiness.

Inspired to create
eco-friendly & holistic
self-care products
to aid you on your own divine journey.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico. December 2021.
Max Patch, North Carolina. August 2020.

About Us

Hiya friends! My name is Nikki and I am the creator of our divine self-care products. While we are based out of the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, my inspiration comes from the beauty of nature around the world. After traveling around Asia and Central America with my partner Ricky, I have been guided to handcraft eco-friendly self-care products to share with you all. I want to help the human race collectively get back to our ancestral roots by fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices during the creation of these holistic products. My goal is also to make a positive impact in the waste management crisis that our world is facing by having a zero-waste initiative with all our products we create and ship to you. It is with much love and intention I share them with you in hopes of creating a brighter and better future for humankind.

In additional effort to connect with everyone that comes across this site, I employ the act story telling with a variety of topics regarding travel, wellness, and much more with the use of blogging and photography. If youโ€™re here to enhance your daily life with our mindfully crafted products or youโ€™re here to join us on our journey around the world, thanks for choosing to be here now.

Letโ€™s co-create a better world together.

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