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Hey friends, have you ever dreamed of financial freedom? That daydream doesn’t have to remain a distant dream any longer. When we realized we were going to break free from the 9-5 work til you die ‘box’ that society tries to put us in with institutionalized schooling and systems…there was no turning back for us. We quit our boring jobs, traveled the world, and now work according to our own terms. Our dream was to be able to work from anywhere doing something we are passionate about, and that dream is now our reality. With travel photography, blogging, passive income streams, and hand-crafted self-care products we now are living life on our own terms.


First, you need to realize that money is actually an arbitrary resource. Don’t believe us? Check out this website, and please explain how it’s possible for the USA to have an incomprehensible amount of debt, yet no one in government is even slightly worried about it. Truth is, a long time ago during barter and trade people started to use money (a paper representation of a ‘promise’ of precious metal that is supposed to be backing that money) instead of trading goods for services, etc. Well, the promises just kept coming with no real tangible worth or value. In today’s society most people slave their lives away to the corrupt system and greed for those little pieces of paper promises. Don’t get me wrong, you do need money to play in this game of life for now, but we’ll leave the talk about the collapse of the economy and society as we know it for another time. So here’s our tips on how best to play the game and get the financial freedom you want.


Maintain your mindset. Stay positive. Your mindset creates your reality. Finances included. Many people believe money is a scarce resource but really it’s abundant! There is plenty of money to go around and if you have an abundant mindset then you will be far better off than someone who believes that there isn’t enough money in the world for them. I recite every day a personal affirmation “I’m grateful for the abundance of health, wealth, and happiness in my life.” If you believe something to be true, then it will be your truth. Check out more Mindset Material in our post here.


Save and invest. Every cent counts. I use a piggy bank and save all my coins, which adds up to be a lot of cash. It shows the universe you’re open to any type of money that can come your way. Have a savings account with your bank where your money is collecting interest by just sitting there. Recently, we have found the best way to earn money is to invest. We are still learning the ins and outs of investments but have found Acorns and Robinhood to be excellent apps that you can use to start investing. You can use the links provided to sign up on the apps and get special sign up bonuses like free stocks and money!

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Spend wisely. We typically thrift and look for bargain deals on everything we buy. Why pay full price for something when with a little effort you can save yourself some money? We don’t have the newest gadgets and gear because truthfully we don’t need it. Ask yourself if you really need to upgrade to the newest phone or computer every time a new one is released when the one you have still works perfect? Don’t fall into the marketing scams of companies trying to make you believe you need their product to fit it, they are just trying to take your money.


Every day we are learning and growing to become more financially free. What’s your favorite tip or trick on how to save or make money? We all want financial freedom and security, so spread the knowledge and drop a comment below πŸ™‚

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