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Hey y’all, we love reading and all the great benefits that come along with it. I’ve created this with links to all the books we enjoy in hopes to share them with you. It’s all about spreading the knowledge, peace, and power! Check out the links for the books if any of them sound interesting to you 🙂 Leave a comment and tell us your favorite books or what you’re reading right now! Peace, Nikki


Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) is a book outlining the basic pathway to eternal happiness and freedom. A simple yet effective way to stay connected to your higher self.


This is the first book of a compelling series written by James Redfield. Interestingly enough Ricky & I both received copies of The Celestine Prophecy in unrelated ways around the same time (coincidence or shall I say…synchronicity). James Redfield brings to light from his own experiences how we can truly tune in to the world around us to follow our path in life. I suggest reading the entire series fully. The Celestine Prophecy 4 book series


I was originally introduced to Paulo Coelho by a roommate in college when I traded her my copy of Siddhartha for her copy of The Alchemist by Coleho. The story in The Alchemist is one of an eye opening account that can be applied to your personal life in respect to the magikal things we can accomplish if we put our minds to it. I had to buy his collection to indulge in after reading The Alchemist.


The Secret History of the World was recommended by a good friend that shares similar views about our current Earthly lives and our divine essence. I pass this recommendation on to you if you wish to gain insight and information on the past, present, and future states of our world(s).


The Power of Now was given to me by Ricky to read. It’s a journey of self-discovery through the truth and light that surrounds you. A must read for people interested in spirituality and philosophy. Eckhart Tolle has a lot of powerful work out to look into if these topics interest you.


“What are you doing? Planning for the future? Well, it’s all right now, but later?………forget it baby, that’s later. Now is now. Are you going to be here or not? It’s as simple as that!”

Ram Dass writes Be Here Now, a book that’s intriguing to read and makes you speculate on what this life really is. It can be read daily by opening up to a random page in the morning and using what the page says as guidance to come back to through out the day.

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Thank you for joining our tribe.

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