Rock Springs Run Kayak Trip

Hey guys! This one is for our Central Florida fam. If you’re in the area this is a kayak trip you must do. This trip is 8 miles down Wekiva River and took us about 6 hours. It’s downstream so paddling is minimum which makes it really enjoyable, but you do need two cars so you don’t have to paddle 8 miles back upstream. We parked one car at Weikva Island which is where we took the kayak out, and then drove together in the truck up to Kings Landing where we launched from. We went on a Saturday morning, which is very busy for both these places, so make sure you try to get an early start!


We prefer to enjoy nature without other people around so once we got away from Kings Landing we were pleased when we saw no one else for 6 miles. We were totally immersed in nature and able to truly connect with the world around us. We spotted about 10 alligators (we lost count after 5) all sun bathing. They were all about 3 feet with one around 4-5 feet so we weren’t worried at all floating by in our inflatable kayak. We also saw a water moccasin which worried us more than the gators. We took a turn moving swiftly in the current and came up on the snake crossing the river. We irritated it slightly as it lifted it’s head out of the water debating if we were a threat or not but we quickly put our paddles in the water to slow down and allowed it to cross. It made it to the other bank and watched us drift past. In addition we saw many of Florida’s great birds hanging out by the water and of course many turtles and fish. It was too late in the day to spot any deer although you’re likely to see them earlier in the morning time.

When we got to about the 7 mile mark we took a dip in the cool water and enjoyed some fresh fruit we brought along. After relaxing we continued on our way. Since we were close to Wekiva Island we began to see more people so we knew our trip was coming to an end. The island is a party scene so we made our way to the boat ramp to take the kayak out. We walked to the car and pulled it up to the ramp to load up. We deflated our kayak and packed it into the car. We absolutely LOVE our intex explorer inflatable kayak. It’s portable and easy to use and store. It works great on the water and for the price it pays it’s self off after 2 kayak trips if you usually have to rent the kayaks for the day. Check out our links below to buy your own today and other great products we used on this trip!


Drop a comment and let us know if you’ve done this Rock Springs Run before or if you’re planning on doing it in the future! What are your favorite things to bring along on a kayak trip?

Lots of love,


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