Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina

Mt. Mitchell

Hey fam! We absolutely love North Carolina, so much that we decided to move up from Florida to call it home. This post is about one of our first hikes we completed together in North Carolina- Mt. Mitchell Trail (~5.6 miles). Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak at 6684ft east of the Mississippi River, so the views at the top were spectacular.

Blue Ridge Parkway

We started on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville and made our way on “America’s Favorite Drive” up to Mt. Mitchell. We laced up our hiking boots in the parking lot and began the journey. From the parking lot there is an easy hike to the summit view point if you’re crunched on time or unable to complete the 5.6 mile hike. But we wanted to explore the forests before reaching the top. It was late spring so the plant life was flourishing. There was exquisite colors of green all around us for as far as the eye could see.

Mt. Mitchell trail

Along the way there were a few places we decided to rest and meditate. Everything felt so alive we wanted to stop and connect with the life energy around us. The old growth forests are truly something special. After finding our zen atop a large boulder in the sun, we made our way to the summit.

View from the top

We admired the stretch of mountains for miles. It was an incredible feeling at the top. Little did we know too that it would be our last feeling of warmth for a long time on our road trip…but that’s a different story for a another post. Drop a comment and let us know your favorite hikes in North Carolina!

Love & light, Nikki


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