Natural, Vegan, and Eco-Friendly Products

These products are crafted to not only be better for you all but also for the environment. We hand make all our products in small batches in our home nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. This ensures each item has our full intention of love and gratitude.
We use all natural and vegan ingredients to create the products, and we package and ship them with repurposed and recyclable material.
We’ve listed all the ingredients we use in our products.

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Spreading love & light to all <3


Each item delivered to you will be a unique unpacking experience. In efforts to implement sustainable business practices and zero waste initiative, each shipment we send we use repurposed and recycled materials to ensure your hand crafted products get to you safely. All shipping materials are recyclable.


Bar Soap

Extra virgin olive oil (moisturizing, can be used as a gentle make up remover, anti-inflammatory, & full of antioxidants), organic coconut oil (moisturizing, cleansing, removes dead skin and dirt, & full of antioxidants), water, lye (it’s what makes soap, soap), and different varieties of essential oils with a range of benefits. For more information on the bar soaps available check out our post here.


Manifestation Candles

Soy wax with hemp wick that has been coated in organic rice bran wax, and a variety of essential oils.


Tooth Powder

Bentonite clay (remineralizes teeth and draws out toxins), baking soda (enhances cleaning and whitens teeth), salt (antibacterial), and ground sage (antimicrobial, whiten teeth, freshen breath)
mint flavor- ground mint (flavor, freshen breath, antibacterial), peppermint essential oil (flavor, freshen breath, antibacterial)
spicy flavor- ground cloves (helps with tooth pain, antibacterial, freshen breath), ground sage (antimicrobial, whiten teeth, freshen breath), ground cinnamon and cinnamon essential oil (flavor, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial)
citrus flavor- ground sage (antimicrobial, whiten teeth, freshen breath), lemon and orange essential oil (flavor, antibacterial, antifungal, help reduce receding gums).


Lip Balm (coming soon)

Organic coconut oil (moisturizing), soy wax (prevents cracked/dry lips), and a variety of essential oils with a range of benefits.

Shampoo Bar (coming soon)

Deodorant (coming soon)


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