Mardi Himal Trek

Sunrise with Mt. Fishtail

Sitting 4500 m (17,763 ft) up in the sky is Mardi Himal base camp. Offering views over the Himalayan Mountain peaks in Nepal. We completed this Mardi Himal Trek in January 2020 after traveling around Asia for a few months. On the final stretch to base camp, we arose early in the morning to see the sun rays light up Mt. Fishtail. A looming peak not so far in the distance that gets it’s name from the peculiar shape of the peak, resembling a fish tail coming out above the water.


We were a bit weary of the thought of completing our first trek of this magnitude in a foreign country, especially with the threat of winter storms on the horizon. We were set on doing it no matter what, so we hired a guide as a precautionary measure. While we did receive a lot of snow during the three day trek from our starting point in a small town named Kande, to base camp, and then ending in the town of Siding, the trail was surprisingly well marked and we could’ve absolutely done it without a guide. If you’re an experienced hiker and familiar with hiking in all weather elements, this trek will be moderate for you.


We spent the first night at Forest Camp. Joined by a large group of Nepalese college students completing the trek as well. While sitting around the fire trying to warm up our bones before heading up to the next camp, they shared their bottle of local made rum with us. After exchanging stories and smiles, we continued to High Camp where we spent the second night. We arose before the sun to catch the first light pouring in over the staggering mountain peaks. The hike to base camp only took a couple hours. After we gathered our belongings back at High Camp, the descent continued through rugged, muddy, forested lands where the snow melted and water dripped down the rocks. After coming between a yak mamma and her young, we scurried down the rocks trying our best to beat the light. We descended the remainder of the day until darkness fell over the valleys and we slept our final night on the edge of the forest. The next morning we continued onward to our final destination, Siding. Where we waited for the local bus to pick us up, and then continue on our travels back to Pokhara.


From Pokhara we made our way back to Katmandu where our travels through Asia came to an end as we flew to Europe for a couple weeks before returning the the states. See what we experienced during our time in Asia here. Comment and let us know where your favorite hiking area is! Love & Light, Nikki.


Thank you for joining our tribe.

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