The Path of Naturopathy – Chamomile

Hiya, thanks for taking some time with me today to read about this wonderful plant – chamomile, and some of the herbal benefits it offers us. This is the second post in our new blog series – The Path of Naturopathy. I’m so grateful you’ve chose to come along on this journey!


Chamomile is a flowering plant that is a member of the daisy family. Used long ago during the ‘Old World’ chamomile is still commonly used in a number of herbal infusions. From internal to external health, chamomile has a variety of benefits.


Chamomile is thought to provide a youthful glow when used in skin products, helping to reduce free radical damage and accelerate the renewal of skin cells. Check out our handmade oats & chamomile bar soap available on Etsy. Chamomiles’ aromatic qualities are both soothing and relaxing for the mind as well when used in skin care products. It is also believed to help with skin irritations and even help heal wounds.


Steeping dried chamomile flowers in hot water creates a herbal infusion known as chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is believed to help with stomach aliments, as well as inducing a relaxing state of mind if you choose to enjoy breathing in the hot steam from the tea. I enjoy a nice cup of chamomile tea before bed or whenever I have an upset stomach and/or feel nausea. Chamomiles’ relaxing effects are thought to help people with anxiety as well as those who have trouble sleeping.


Pure chamomile essential oil can also be added to a hot bath for both the aromatic and skin benefits as well. Add a few drops to a hot bath and then sit for a spell. Feel your mind at ease while your skin is soothed from chamomiles calming effects. Taking a break or some time for yourself is something else that can do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit- we’ll discuss this at a later time.


Nowadays as herbal remedies and such are beginning to hit the mainstream market (while overall I believe this is beneficial, there are of course some cons that come into play when marketing natural products to the masses, something else we’ll discuss that in a later post) there are numerous other products that you may find chamomile in, i.e juice, lotion, soaps, candles, etc to help induce that relaxing state of mind that chamomile is so popularly used for. *Always try to shop local or from people you know! Let’s stick together to help end the dominant rein of big pharma.*

We’ve created a soothing soap bar for you to check out if any of this post sparked your interest in chamomile – check it out here.


Stay on the look out for the next post in this Path of Naturopathy blog series. Posts should come out weekly for Wellness Wednesday. Please let me know in the comments any topic that you would be interested in reading about! Thank you for taking the time to read this today.

Peace, Nikki

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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