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When I say “juice” – there are many different things that could come to mind. For some, it may be something you mix your liquor with, others it’s a nice cold glass of fruit juice poured from a carton you bought in the grocery store, but what I’m talking about is much different than that. I’m talking about fresh juice from delicious fruits & veggies straight from the juicer into your glass. The term “juicing” refers to the extraction of the juice from these fruits and veggies. The juice contains the majority of the minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients that are easily consumable in just a few sips. While juicing does remove some important fiber, you can easily and tastefully obtain the majority of other nutrients from a plethora of fruits & veggies in a relatively simple way. There are many different combos of juice recipes so you can find some to suit your needs and taste buds!


Juicing can be added to your weekly nutritional plan or used in detox or fasting situations (more on both of those topics later).


If you’re interested in juicing and gaining the benefits from this dietary practice, it’s pretty easy to do at home. You need a juicer, a cutting board & knife, and access to fresh fruits and veggies. For some easy at home recipes and instructions, check out this post – Juicin’.


Of course, if you don’t have the time or desire to juice in your own kitchen, there are many companies that will do it for you! Be on the lookout to avoid juices with added sugar or ingredients, as many companies cut corners for profit.

If you’re local to Central Florida – we love Drip Juice Therapy!


So what can juicing do for you?

-Help lose weight
-Increase nutrients consumption
-Detox the body
-Add to overall health
-Reduce kitchen waste
-Allow you to consume fruits & veggies you normally wouldn’t have in your diet


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