Rock Springs Run Kayak Trip

Hey guys! This one is for our Central Florida fam. If you’re in the area this is a kayak trip you must do. This trip is 8 miles down Wekiva River and took us about 6 hours. It’s downstream so paddling is minimum which makes it really enjoyable, but you do need two cars soContinue reading “Rock Springs Run Kayak Trip”

Books We Love

Hey fam! Dropping in with a post containing all the books we love right now. We’ll keep ya updated with more books as we read them to pass along the knowledge. Check out the links for the books if any of them sound interesting to you 🙂 leave a comment and tell us your favoriteContinue reading “Books We Love”

Mindset Monday

Hey guys, happy Monday! I’m thankful for another week here on Earth. I wanted to write about some things that I practice in my own life that help me live and find optimum happiness and love in every moment. I have learned more or less thru trial and error in my own life that yourContinue reading “Mindset Monday”

Wealth Wednesday

Hey guys. Popping in with some insight on how we manage our money and are able to afford to travel so frequently. First, I’d like to share how much debt the United States is currently in right now…$25,466,700,000+ and growing every second. Check out the link below. But, it doesn’t seem to be stoppingContinue reading “Wealth Wednesday”

Ecuador Overview

Hello home free family, Chard here. Just wanted to share some insight on my experiences living down in Ecuador for a few months. If anyone is planning a trip to South America, I would definitely recommend this worthwhile destination. Ecuador has it all- amazing food, great culture, excellent surf, pristine rain forest, and some ofContinue reading “Ecuador Overview”

Waterfalls Around The World

Water is such a cleansing force that brings peace and serenity to anyone who stops to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite water falls from around the world. Where’s your favorite falls at? Clean water is a precious resource that we must protect. Hope you enjoyed our pictures, let us know which is yourContinue reading “Waterfalls Around The World”

St. Croix, USVI

Hey y’all! Nicole here. Whenever I tell people that I was born on St. Croix in the USVI they usually have a puzzled look on their face. So here’s a little info… 3 main islands with numerous minor islands located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea east of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands is a highlyContinue reading “St. Croix, USVI”

Podcast Recommendations

Hello home free family, dropping this video here for anyone interested in ancient civilizations and how advanced they truly were. Graham Hancock is an incredible author and journalist who spends his life unearthing the great mysteries of the past. Many great topics about where we as a species have been and insights on where weContinue reading “Podcast Recommendations”

Homemade Tooth Powder

Time to ditch your plastic toothbrush that is polluting the landfills and that tooth paste filled with ingredients you can’t even pronounce! While we hope for the day when all products are cruelty free, all natural/chemical free, zero-waste, and environmentally sustainable we understand the harsh reality these days that big corporations don’t make money thatContinue reading “Homemade Tooth Powder”