Wealth Wednesday

Hey guys. Popping in with some insight on how we manage our money and are able to afford to travel so frequently. First, I’d like to share how much debt the United States is currently in right now…$25,466,700,000+ and growing every second. Check out the link below. https://www.truthinaccounting.org/about/our_national_debt?gclid=CjwKCAjwztL2BRATEiwAvnALcnfW-rpJQ-1J_xpL0HzhhMW1JIudfwg7_xcNscf7QVXheKFV-cyMbBoCMmwQAvD_BwE But, it doesn’t seem to be stoppingContinue reading “Wealth Wednesday”

Podcast Recommendations

Hello home free family, dropping this video here for anyone interested in ancient civilizations and how advanced they truly were. Graham Hancock is an incredible author and journalist who spends his life unearthing the great mysteries of the past. Many great topics about where we as a species have been and insights on where weContinue reading “Podcast Recommendations”