Inspired by my travels around the world, these products have been hand made to enhance your well-being. My passion for the environment paired with love of self-care bring forth these creations. I aspire to bring wholehearted goodness to the world by leading by example with sustainable ingredients, business practices, and zero waste initiative. Let’s change the world together!

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We are located in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Asheville, N.C., 28803

Shipping in USA or local pick up available.

Handmade in the
Appalachian Mountains
with intention, love, and gratitude.

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Bar Soap

A versatile soap that can be used in the shower for washing your body, face, or hair, and at the sink to wash hands. Our soap is hand made in small batches to maintain integrity and quality of each bar. Scents vary based on availability of essential oils. All natural, vegan, and sustainable. All natural ingredients means they are biodegradable and great to take camping. Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, water, lye, varying pure essential oils, and varying all natural additives such as ground turmeric, oatmeal, or non-dairy milks. Check out our post with more info on our available bar soaps here.

bar soap packaged with zero plastic using eco-friendly materials

Manifestation Candles

Soy wax candles made with Original Certified Vegan Hemp Wickβ„’. Lightly scented using different combinations of essential oils to help you in manifesting your dreams and accomplishing your goals. White in color for spirituality and purity. Created in small batches to maintain integrity and quality of each candle. We use repurposed mason jars for each candles and encourage you to repurpose them afterwards. Scents vary on based on availability of essential oils. All natural, vegan, and sustainable.
Ingredients: soy wax, hemp twine coated in organic rice bran wax, pure essential oils, and sometimes all natural additives such as dried herbs or ground spices.

handmade in repurposed 8oz glass mason jars with lids

Tooth Powder

Oral health care that helps more than it hurts. Made with ingredients that will help re-mineralize and whiten your teeth naturally. This made to order product comes in your choice of flavor. Mint- made with ground mint, ground sage, and peppermint oil. Spice- made with ground cloves, sage, cinnamon, and cinnamon oil. Or citrus- made with ground sage and lemon & orange oil. Each flavor is handcrafted with ingredients that are anti-bacterial to help fight bad germs and bad breath. If you prefer tooth paste you can mix our powder with coconut oil for a tooth paste texture. Ingredients: bentonite clay, baking soda, sea salt, pure essential oils, and dried herbs/spices.

3 flavors, all coming in eco-friendly packaging

Lip Balm (coming soon)

Our lip balm is created in small batches to maintain integrity and quality of each product. We use organic coconut oil to moisturize and soy wax to help prevent cracked/dry lips. Pure essential oils are added for additional benefits.

Deodorant (stay tuned)

Aluminum, paraben, and phthalate free. Our natural deodorant will leave you smelling and feeling fresh. Made with organic coconut oil for silky smooth pits and arrow root starch to absorb moisture. Choice of floral or woodsy scent. Floral is crafted with geranium, rose, and jasmine essential oil. Woodsy is crafted with cedar, sandalwood, and frankincense essential oils.
Ingredients: organic coconut oil, arrow root starch, baking soda and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Handcrafted Tea Blends (Appalachian DiviniTEA)

It always a good time to have a cup of tea. A handcrafted tea makes it an even better time. Check out AppalachianDiviniTEA to add some tea to your self-care time.

“The smell is absolutely incredible. My skin feels super smooth and the calm smell lingers after the shower.”

Genevieve K. review of bar soap

Love all these items. The soap makes my skin so soft and smells wonderful, even my husband uses them and he also loves them.”

Debbie C. review of bar soap

This soap is wonderful! Lathers really nicely, smells like a dream and comes beautifully packaged. Finally a good quality handmade soap I can get behind!!”

Richard V. review of bar soap


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